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Chemistry Casino

Original Submission on Newgrounds released on Mar 17, 2006 | 10:43 AM EST

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Original Author Comments (errors left in)

Update -> Noticed a typo in the options menu, this has been fixed, sry for the inconvience. Hello again everyone. It's been quite a while. I took some time to learn more about AS 2.0 as well as enhance my drawing ability a bit. Unfortunately, this is something I created as a Chemistry Project, so there wasn't really any room to showcase my new art style. Fortunately, my coding improvements are displayed. I hope you all have fun trying to beat this game, I've added a save/load function to the game, because it does take a long while to fully beat. Also, I would really appreciate it if you all would read the help file in the game before posting over and over again for help. As usual, helpful criticism is welcome. But please, no posts like "ZOMG j00 n00b! Qu1t F7@$4 43v3r! U Sux0rz. N00B!" Peace, and remember, vote fairly =p. (BTW, I feel like I left this game a tad unchecked, but I had a deadline to meet, so any bugs you notice, please point them out to me =D)