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Gorge Off! - 8 Hour Game

Original Submission on Newgrounds released on Dec 7, 2008 | 1:23 AM EST

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*NOTE* I am unsure as to why some browsers display the game off center. */NOTE * Howdy Newgrounds ^_^. THIS IS A TWO PLAYER GAME, DON'T OPEN IT OR VOTE 0 IF YOU DON'T HAVE SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH!!! I haven't had much time for Flash lately due to college going on =p. However, I found a club here that host's a once per semester programming competition called Game Jam. The way it works is you are given a theme and 8 hours to create a game. Then everyone gathers and shows off what they were able to make and talks a bit about it. This was my first series attempt at Flash in months, and it was wonderful getting back into it. This isn't so much for ratings here, as it is for storage since its a slightly large file and my shared hosting server isn't that great =p. Nonetheless I hope the upper echelon here at Newgrounds can respect the quality of the game being given only eight hours for planning and development. The theme for this Game Jam was "Eating." I took about 15 minutes to generate an idea and write out a timeline of when things needed to be done by. I'm happy that I finished the game on time, and I don't think I would have done anything differently. The game requires two players, instructions in game. Enjoy?