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Original Submission on Newgrounds released on Apr 13, 2006 | 12:32 PM EDT

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UPDATE(April 13, 2006-->3:13 PM){Added a percent viwer to the pre-loader} UPDATE(April 13,2006-->12:45 PM){I fixed the accuracy bug, sorry about that =-)} Before I get into the usual \"Yada yada\" PLEASE VIEW THE HELP MOVIE!!!!! Now....the usual \"yada yada\". I think this is the first game I've made that I actually enjoyed playing. It pretty challenging (100 levels). It features 17 unique enemy types, with various color variations for each. There are also 9 different weapons. To clear up some possible confusion, here are some things you should know. All the things moving on the screen are viruses. You don't need to get rid of every virus, just the one's that will hit your comptuer. Also, when you upgrade your weapon's strength, it may not change the graphic for the weapon. That's because weapon type is changed every 10 weapon strength upgrades. I learned quite a bit of new AS for this game (as you can tell by the filesize, was around 700 kb without sound/music!). As always, thanks for playing my game, and please...leave a constructive review. Telling me a game "suk0rz big w4@73 p3n0r n00b!" doesn't help me at all. P.S. I personally think I'm overcoming the biggest obsticle I've been facing since I started working with Flash, my inability to draw xD.